Tokai Bar is pleased to inform you that today, Friday 7 October 2022, their debut CD ‘Volume II: Ocean Drive’ was released by Red Icon Recordings.

Tokai Bar is a symphonic dance and lounge project of Jacob Broers and Gerben Klazinga, founding members of the Dutch symphonic rock band Broers + Klazinga.

‘Volume II: Ocean Drive’ is symphonic dance, which is electronic dance music with symphonic rock influences, featuring Nadine Bogert-Pruim on vocals.

You can listen to the radio edit of the track ‘The Mirror’ by pressing the button in the footer.

You can order your copy of ‘Volume II: Ocean Drive’ – hard copy or digital files (WAV, FLAC or 320 kbps mp3) – by sending an e-mail to specifying the kind of copy and your address details.

Tokai Bar is pleased to inform you that Red Icon Recordings will shortly release their debut album ‘Volume II: Ocean Drive’.

‘Volume II: Ocean Drive’ is the first symphonic dance album of a series of symphonic dance and lounge albums by Tokai Bar.

Symphonic dance and symphonic lounge is electronic dance, respectively lounge, music with symphonic rock influences.

Red Icon Recordings is an independent record label from the Green Heart of the Netherlands, founded in January 2021 to assist and encourage musicians with passion for symphonic dance, lounge and rock music to achieve their dreams, ambitions and goals.

In March 2021 they released the symphonic rock album album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’ by Broers + Klazinga.

Stay tuned!